In a world like this, in a country like ours. Where all sorts of lies are been spoken, turning the truth down just to ensure that evil deeds are covered by the doers and say things that will benefits them in time to come.

Country where those who would have shun or fight against indiscipline are bribed and as a result, they keep quite because of their unscrupulous nature.

Country where tigers and conscienceless set of people are voted into power out of fear.
Country where political aspirant(s) writes an impossible political manifestoes just to please the people so as to vote him/her into power before revealing his/her colour to the public.

Country where rumour spreads across concerning who that is behind terrorism experienced or experiencing by the country yet, citizens of that country votes him into power forgetting the saying “behind every rumour, there may/MUST be elements of truth”
Country where citizens does not think of whom that would serve as their Joshua (who would lead them to the promised land not whom that would lead them half way)
Country that only considers, between the aspirants who shares money most and this determines whom they are going to vote for, forgetting the amount of catastrophe caused by the person and what he may likely cause once power is eventually vested on him.
Country where the person elected to be leader betrays the lead and does whatsoever that pleases him.
Country where ugly idiosyncrasies of their leaders will never encourage the lead to go closer to their leader to opine his/her opinion or pledge for anything.

Country where poverty keep dandling with 75% of her citizens while their elite(s) keep smiling at them without finding a lasting solution or way of eradicating poverty because, they want these poor mass to keep answering them sir while they address them as inferior populace.

Country where those that have the notion of taking his Nation to great height is not buoyant financially while those that are opportune to be enthroned become position occupants refusing to leave the sit as if they are glued to it.
Country where leaders are fund embezzlers with kleptomaniac fingers.

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Country where leaders do not represent the lead instead become ambassador(s) of poverty Impoverishing the
lead by diverting public funds in the name of acquiring wealth for their generation.


• Who would be our Joshua?
• When would our country be revitalized?
• When would the mentality of our people towards electing leader be transformed?
When would they embark on SOBER REFLECTION?
• How can other countries stop getting our people in their country scornful and dejected?
• When shall countries hope on us as the only country that can proffer solution to their problem(s)?
• How can our citizens be forced to say no to all wrong doings which keeps getting the name of this country corrupt the more?
• When shall those in academic sector, our leaders and other elites address educational problems and stop sending their children abroad for studies?
• If citizens of this country have been receiving poor quality of education which makes our elites send their children abroad for studies, when shall it be addressed so as to stop ruining us with this poor quality of education?

This Article was Written by
Ugoh Ernest C.
Ebonyi State.
Email@ ugohernest92@gmail.com

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