Opinion: Prepare Before You Push


Some people mistake success to be all about pushing, pushing and pushing. So what do you see them doing? They are just slogging.

Is it true that people who work the hardest win? Of course not! You’ve also got to work smart. Just working hard is no way to succeed.

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Of course, when you work smart and hard, there’s a formula, but what is this secret about: “Prepare before you push”? This secret tells you that before you push or before you work hard, you’ve got to prepare. You’ve got to “prepare” means you’ve got to get yourself ready and organized.

You’ve got to make the ground set for the launch. You’ve got to get your ideas cleaned and cut before they are cooked. You’ve got to prepare, whatever your subject is. You’ve got to prepare in such a way that the idea is ready to be launched into success!


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