Don’t Just Achieve… Transcend Your Goals


Some people don’t understand this principle of success. This SOS is a secret that tells you that great dreams of great dreamers were never achieved.

They were always transcended. Therefore, when you set goals, don’t be obsessed with achieving the goal.

The journey of success will help you transcend goals, which means that when one goal is not achieved, it helps you exit, create and achieve another goal, maybe a goal even bigger than what you had planned.

When you can’t climb one peak, you climb another peak. Life will not let us achieve all our goals all the time, but those who are passionate and committed, they achieve much more beyond the goals they set, not by achieving the goals but by transcending the goals, and by evolving and moving from one peak to another. That’s the way to succeed. Set your life in a way that you transcend your goals too!


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