Opinion; Do You Have a Life Philosophy?


Do you have a life philosophy? This question is a Secret of Success because it provokes us to have a philosophy of life – a way of life.

The problem is that most people try to be everything for everybody and trying to be everything, they become nothing…

We must be clear about what we want to be. We can’t be everything and we can’t satisfy everybody, but we can choose our way of life–our own life philosophy. Once you have your life philosophy, you’ve set a
path. You’ve set the highway and now you’ve got to accelerate towards the destination.

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however good your car may be, it will just come to a grinding halt. Do you have a clear path? Is your highway set to achieve success? Do you have a life philosophy? If not, it’s not too late. Start now! Decide what you want your life to be. Get together your ethics, values, and principles and create your own life philosophy!


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