Different type of Women You We’re Meet in This World.


As you go through life you will meet two type of women, One Who Really Hustle to Earn for a Living and Slay Queens “Demand much from their Boyfriend Can’t Agree hustle and Earn for their self.

Scroll down and See the types of  Women You We’ll See in This World.

1.Domestic WomenDomestic Women

A domestic woman is all about the house, she is not built for the street, she can’t hustle, put her where she can clean, cook, wash, pray, take care of children and see how she does wonders. No matter how much you talk about hustling starting a business or moving to the next level you will never get the kind of vibe you want from her, Why? Because she constantly see them as stress.

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A domestic woman is easily contented. She doesn’t need much. Give her food and she will be a good wife. If you have a domestic woman in a business or job all she wants is the money. She contributes nothing. She has a weak spirit. She gets tired of everything. You can’t assign her to a responsibility, she will fail.


But you see HUSTLER, you better not lazy around her. She falls in love with the idea of making money.

She is constantly telling you where to invest your money, starting another business. She saves for rainy days. You don’t spend foolishly around her. The funny thing is,she has the quality of a domestic woman but hate the idea of not doing anything.

She wants to contribute No matter how small. She can start a small scare business with a little amount of money. If you marry a hustler, she becomes your motivation, constantly pushing to give your best…
If you have a hustler in a job or business, she kills you with ideas. She is a born leader, just tell her what to do and leave the rest for her. She is a man in a woman’s body. She has the strength of 5men put together. She is an independent lady.
She knows how to navigate people. She makes you feel your lazy and that’s where MOTIVATION comes in,,
it’s only a Hustler that can Motivate or challenge a man to be better And She loves truely, she’s not moved by material things and they can be very faithful to their man because they don’t have time to jump around.

Note: A Hustler can also do the job of a domestic woman perfectly but a domestic woman can not do a job of Hustler..

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