#Quote! Luck Goes to Those Who Pluck


Opinion✓ Good luck. Isn’t this a very common phrase? Yes, we use this phrase as if luck is everything.

People who don’t succeed – what do they usually say? “Plain bad luck…”

Well! Successful people don’t believe in luck. The principle that they follow is: “Luck goes to those who pluck” – that’s the next Secret of Success. Yes, it’s true that successful people are those who don’t wait for luck; they pluck!

The spelling of luck to them is not L-U-C-K, but it is P-L-U-C-K. They put the ‘P’ before the luck and the ‘P’ is their personal effort, perseverance, passion, patience and power. All these Ps put together turns luck into pluck. Therefore, if you really want to achieve success, remember it’s not luck. Its “pluck” that can really make it happen!

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