Deterrent:Babcock university expel.

 In a society of sane and meticulous beings,sanity should be uphold despite the moral decadency unfolding, it is a step not cruel to dismiss the student to be a deterrent to others who may want to tread that path,

Although an adage said, “To err is human to forgive is divine, yet in a place where there is rules and regulations everything doesn’t goes, The school authorities deem it fit to jettison immorality so called to strengthen and leverage sanity, our schools in all levels must learn to disband and destroy uncalled attitudes in their various schools, we must stand to defend what is right and deject what is wrong.

This is what makes a society sane where every human is discreet, When evil thrives it becomes a tradition, our youngsters should emulate good morals for a better tomorrow, future and society.

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