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99 Percent Right is 100 Percent Wrong



99 Percent Right is 100 Percent Wrong 1


On the way to success, don’t stop at 99 percent because this Secret of Success tells us that “99 percent right is 100 percent wrong”.

There are many, many, many people who are 99 percent right, but they end up failing. What made them a failure? It’s that 1 percent, which was a missing link between failure and success.

Who invented the telephone? We all think that Graham Bell was the one, but in reality, Johann Philipp Reis was the first one to build a device that could produce sounds. He named his device “telephon”. But the device was not commercially viable and the sound quality was poor. Graham Bell further improved on this invention, making a device with a much better sound quality. He was the first one to apply for a patent for a device that transmitted sounds.

Credit of the invention of the telephone goes to Graham Bell, not because he did 100 percent of the invention, but because he did the additional 1 percent and made it work. Learn this secret – doing or achieving 99% is not enough. You need that extra 1% percent that makes you the winner.


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