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Nwali chidera!! Dare is Dangerous: Dare to Fail



Look at successful people. On their path of success,you will find that many of them have faced big failures.

Why? Because they had the courage, they had the guts, and they dared to fail. You have got to pay the price of failure before you receive the reward of success.

There’s no question of achieving success before passing failures on the highway of life. But the problem is that people don’t fail because they don’t try. Where is the question of failing? You can only fail if you try, but they lost the first battle when they didn’t even try. They didn’t dare to fail.

Unless your dream is big enough, where there is a fear of failure, it’s not a dream at all. Unless you have a plan that dares you to fail, and a plan that pulls you out in case of failure, how will you succeed? Therefore, if you want to succeed, you must have the feeling, that emotion of daring to fail. Then, you will know that success is around the corner.


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