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Don’t Be a Bubble, Be a Ball



Don't Be a Bubble, Be a Ball 1

Don't Be a Bubble, Be a Ball 2

Some people will understand this Secret of Success from the statement itself.

How can success be about a bubble and a ball? Well, it’s simple. What is the difference between a bubble and a ball? The moment the bubble touches anything, it just bursts, but a ball doesn’t burst. It bounces back!

Successful people bounce back. When they hit resistance, they don’t burst. When somebody touches them, they don’t burst – they are like a tough ball! Whatever happens, the ball just keeps bouncing. Similarly, successful people keep on bouncing.

If you want to be a successful person, remember that you have to bounce back, no matter what. Regardless of the problems, resistance, difficulties, and roadblocks, the moment you hit a roadblock, don’t stop! Bounce like a ball! Because you don’t burst like a bubble, you will be on your way to success!


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