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Failures are Milestones on the Highway Called Success



Failures are Milestones on the Highway Called Success 1

Do you want to achieve success? Then, think of yourself as someone speeding down the highway called success.

But can you reach the destination without passing several milestones that come on the way? These milestones are failures. They are various things that will come across to test you and to try your strength, perseverance, persistence, patience and your ability to succeed.

Problem comes from the word “probállō,” which means to throw or lay something in front of someone. So, on the highway, there will be so many problems thrown in front of us. These are the milestones. If we can’t deal with the milestones, we will never arrive at success. Therefore, if you want to achieve success, as you’re speeding towards it, accept problems as a part of success. Then, you will be successful!


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