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Flip over from NEP to PEP



Flip over from NEP to PEP 1

NEP is Negative Energy Poison. Negative energy creates poison. Hatred, worry, jealousy, anger, impatience, doubt, and fear are all negative emotions – together they are called NEP. You must learn to flip over from NEP to PEP!

What is PEP? PEP is Positive Energy Power. Positive energy has power just like negative energy has poison. Positive emotions include faith, hope, love, compassion, forgiveness, joy, and patience. These positive emotions create power; therefore, success goes to that person who flips over from

NEP to PEP – from negative energy that’s creating poison to positive energy that’s creating power! These positive energies create power in the lives of those who choose to flip from NEP to PEP, and this power creates success. In contrast, for those who are content with NEP, the negative energy is strong enough to keep them in the failure mode forever. Choose to flip over from NEP to PEP to achieve success!


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1 Comment

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