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“I Shall Never Fail because” I Shall Never Quit



"I Shall Never Fail because" I Shall Never Quit 1


 “I Shall Never Fail because I Shall Never Quit”. It’s very simple and it means that as long as I don’t quit, I’m still trying.

Successful people just go on trying and they never quit. They know the minute they quit, the game is over, success is over and failure has captured them. So if you want to succeed, just tell yourself “I shall never fail because I shall never quit”, and follow the statement with that resolution of never quitting.

Just keep on trying. If something doesn’t work, try some other way. If it still doesn’t work, then keep at it. You have to pray, you have to work hard, and you have to take help, but don’t quit, for quitters never win and winners never quit!


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