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Inspiration Words: Cope Through Hope



Inspiration Words: Cope Through Hope 1

Cope Through Hop

To achieve success, To achieve success, one has to face the storms of life and cope with the gales and aftermaths. We face not just storms in life, but even hurricanes and tsunamis – things that will actually defeat us and put us down. We can cope with such adversities by using the magic called “Hope”.

Therefore, this Secret of Success says “Cope through Hope”– which means that you can cope with such difficult situations through hope if you know what hope is.

What is hope? Hope is the acronym for “Having Only Positive Expectation”. When you have hope and only positive expectations, even when the storm comes, you know that the storm won’t last. Live with Hope. Don’t let negative expectations rule your life. Be positive always. Live each day with Hope. With this hope, you can cope, and this way, you can achieve any success that you dream about!



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