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Interview With Chiara Magni;- Painter from Italy



Interview With Chiara Magni;- Painter from Italy 1
Took our time to have a brief interview with one of the most hardworking painter in Italy.
Interview With Chiara Magni;- Painter from Italy 2

Chiara Magni

We seen a lot of painters in Italy these days but very few of them actually do what she does.

Her style is unique and she is a real hardworker. She makes sure she keeps providing her fans with amazing art work; she is “Chiara Magni” and here is her website

I took a little time to know what drives her zeal. I have always wanted to know how she manage to have time and space to create her paintings and still have time for herself.

She revealed all that in this interview and I am grateful for the time he spared.

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do.

My name is Chiara Magni and I am professional finger painter. 
I live in Italy by the amazing Garda Lake (you should google it), I am 30 years old and this has been my full time job for the past years. 

Tell us about how you started Drawing and painting work.

I’ve started drawing when i was a little kid and never stopped ever since

Q: What difficulty have you encountered and how did you overcome them?.

Well…many… a lot of people out there are very good painters and very well known and this together with my inner demons, in the beginning made me feel overwhelmed…. in 2014 I’ve decided that this was going to be my full time job and for few years I really had to fight something inside me as well as outside myself, well that were very hard times…..but I a very happy I’ve endured instead of giving up 

Q: What inspired you to go into Drawing and painting?

It is just something I’ve always had, something I believe I was born with, maybe something “I”m” carrying from a previous life…who knows…I’ve just found myself drawing and painting since I was a little kid…there is a spike or a urge that is making me do that…without much thinking on why, i just feel that is the right thing to do and on top of everything ……IT MAKES ME HAPPY

Q: Do you offer any other services?

Yes, my paintings can be found at iCanvas where they can be printed in high quality and this is the link:

I do have a line of my paintings printed on original All Star Converse, they are done with quality ink and can be used and washed as much as I want, here is the link: 

And I have a line of Tshirts made in Italy where all of my paintings can be printed on, here is the link:

Q: What is your business goal?

My motto is aim to the souls not to the wallets

Q: How long do you want to continue with this business?

For the rest of my life can be enough …

Q: Do you have anybody working for you or you do it alone?

I have two amazing Galleries I am working with, one by the Amalfi Coast and one here by the Garda Lake, then I’ve the lady taking care of the prints on shoes, she lives in my city and the guy taking care of the Tshirts he is from the amazing city of Florence 

Q: How do you manage personal time and your business?

AHAHAHAH what personal time?

Well “l’m” lucky enough to have made my dream into my business so I could not be happier

Q: Who/What has been your greatest inspiration?

The idea and dream that art will always be in my life and i will be able to make a lot of people happy all over the world with my creations

Q: Drop something for a young entrepreneur out there

it might sound obvious… but really never give up on your dreams.

   See Some of Her Art Work.

Interview With Chiara Magni;- Painter from Italy 3Interview With Chiara Magni;- Painter from Italy 4Interview With Chiara Magni;- Painter from Italy 5Interview With Chiara Magni;- Painter from Italy 6Interview With Chiara Magni;- Painter from Italy 7Interview With Chiara Magni;- Painter from Italy 8

You Can Contact Her Via social media 👇


pinterest @chimfineart

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