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It’s Not the End, It’s Only a Bend




When you’re walking down a road, you often think that it’s the end and what do you do? Either you stop and turn back, or you go towards the end to check it out.

Successful people never accept the end of a road in their life as the end. They keep going because they are sure that at the end, there will be a bend.

This means that in life, no challenge, no opportunity – nothing has an end. There’s always an opportunity – a scope for us to create a bend, to create a turn, and to create an option. Those who are successful find a way where there is no way.

When it’s the end, they find a bend – this is finding success! It is the ability to be committed towards making your dream come true. The next time you think that your success is showing you a board that says “The End”, don’t stop! Go ahead and find the bend!


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