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Life quote: Work, Worship & Wait



Life quote: Work, Worship & Wait 1


The 3 simple steps that can help you achieve success are Work, Worship and Wait.

“Work” as if everything depends on you, “Worship” as if everything depends on God, and “Wait” knowing that it’s going to happen. Don’t lose patience! A combination of work, worship and wait is an absolute guarantee of success.

Anybody who uses the formula of faith and toil backed by patience cannot just fail because this is a magic formula that many successful people have used to make their dreams come true.

Do you want to succeed? Then, check these 3 steps: Do you really work? Do you worship? And do you have the patience to wait? If you are following these 3 steps religiously, then there is no way you can stop, and you’re absolutely going to achieve success in a short time!

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