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Make God Your Partner



Make God Your Partner 1

While this may sound like a spiritual secret, it’s actually a success secret. Who is God? God is not a distant, unknown being. God is the Creator of the Universe.

We don’t know where God is, who God is or what God is… but God is! Obviously, there is a Creator of the Universe – a Power we call God. Therefore, this secret calls for us to make God our partner.

What happens when we make God our partner? When we do so, we are actually making the Creator of the Universe a part of our success. When the Creator of the Universe becomes our partner, how can we fail?

The Creator will create imagination and intuition in the superconscious mind. The Creator will give strength, courage and confidence. The Creator will show us a way, when there is none. The Creator will be with us not only in our good times, but also during our tough times, holding our hands and taking us across. Therefore, making God our partner, spending time to connect with God and becoming stronger is a sure way to success!


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