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No One is BORN Successful



No One is BORN Successful 1


When babies are born, do they have a tag in their hand stating “Success” or “Failure”? No, no one is born with a tag of success or failure.

In fact, we all are born like a Tabula rasa or a “blank slate”, and then we grow up.

Till our teenage, we hardly have a command of our life. But the moment we are adults enough to take charge of our lives, it’s up to us to become successful.

Nobody is born successful. You may be born rich, but it doesn’t mean that you are going to be successful. In fact, most of the success stories are of those who are born poor and in the most challenging situations.

Then, what makes them successful? They realize that their birth doesn’t have to decide their destiny. They realize that it’s not about being born successful, it’s about becoming successful! They use the Secrets of Success to become truly successful.

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