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Stop Chasing Butterflies, Start Digging Gold



Stop Chasing Butterflies, Start Digging Gold 1

When I look at successful people and those who do not want to succeed, I find a very distinctive characteristic that differentiates the two groups.

Successful people are busy digging gold: they go on and on and on. They are focused, they are persistent, they know what they want, they do it, they don’t get distracted, they just keep at it, on and on and they get it!

What about those who do not want to succeed? They are chasing butterflies; they are doing this and that. They are doing everything else except focusing on the success that they seek. No wonder they are not successful.

Therefore, if you want success, follow this simple and true Secret of Success: “Stop chasing butterflies… Start digging gold! This secret can make you achieve success; it can give you the muchwanted focus, determination and energy that are required for success to happen. So, why wait? Start digging gold!


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