• 10 Most  Popular Football CLub on Instagram

    In this Article We’re Going to Be Highlighting the Most popular football Club on Instagram

    Social media has become a crucial part of the way the largest clubs connect with their fans around the world,

    Social media is also increasingly driving revenue for clubs as brands target players with large followings for sponsorships.

    Scroll down to see the most popular Football Club on Instagram

    1. Real Madrid_79.6Million


    Despite losing Cristiano Portuguese Super star “Ronaldo , Real Madrid is the biggest football club on social media right now and the only club in the list to top 200 million followers across all platforms.



    Barcelona has a further 76.8 million followers on their Instagram account.

    The club does benefit from Argentine footballer Lionel Messi. Perhaps one of the most well recognised sportsmen around the world, who have over 129Million followers on Instagram.



    Juventus  bypassed Man Chester United at the third most popular football team on Social media, After seeing an increase of 20million followers following the arrival of Portuguese Super star “Cristiano Ronaldo”.

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    The Portuguese Super star join juventus on summer 2018 juve reapead the reward since , now eclipsing Ronaldo former side man Utd. Juve boasted 10million prior to the arrival of Ronaldo but their repid  increase still see them sit some Way off first place, with a fellow European giant on 77.6million on Real Madrid still atop The pile, and benefitted hugely from Ronaldo’s Long spell with the club

    4.Man Utd_31.9Million


    Manchester United may have topped the Money League for two years running, but it’s still a long way off breaking into the top two in terms of social media following.

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    Last season saw United lose one of its biggest stars, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has almost 35 million followers on Instagram as he migrated over to the US to join LA Galaxy.

    Their biggest star in terms of social following, Paul Pogba, now has a World Cup winners’ medal to his name.



    The French team won a domestic quadruple last season, just nine months after flexing its financial muscle as it signed Neymar for a world record transfer fee of £200 million.

    The Brazilian striker will have represented a boon to the team’s social media standings as well as their goal-scoring prowess, as he boasts over 100 million followers on Instagram alone.



    Mohamed Salah the “Egyptian King” of Liverpool has 32.1 million followers on Instagram.

    “Salah is now considered the most famous person in Egypt,” Egyptian doctor and Salah mega fan Michael Wagdy told The Sun.

    “He has now become an idol for the people… we now wait for any match for Liverpool and you can’t imagine the happiness that occurs when he scored.”



    Stamford Bridge despite loosing Hazard this Summer, the blue has over 18.6million followers on their Instagram account.

    It may also surprise you to learn that Brazilian Winger “Borges da Silva” has over 9 million followers on Instagram.

    8. Bayern_18.7Million


    Bayern Munich is up one place since February last year, topping London side Arsenal.

    The German side will have received a boost from signing Colombian midfielder Philippe Coutinho, who boasts almost 20.7 million followers on Instagram.



    Arsenal dropped out of the top five most popular clubs on social media this year after failing to qualify for this season’s Champions League tournament.

    The club does benefit from French wing-back Hector Bellerin, though, who is basically a part-time model and posts pictures of himself at events like the GQ Awards and London Fashion Week on Instagram.



    Manchester City lands a total five places below their place on the Deloitte Money League as its budget outweighs its fan base.

    However, City is still a developing club and its position as an economic powerhouse should see it grow comfortably on social media as manager Pep Guardiola continues to make high-profile signings.

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