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Why A New Lingua Franca is not Necessary For Nigeria



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Of recent quite a member of Nigeria has spoken loudly both for and against the adoption of one of our indigenous Language as the lingua franca for the country.

In a country such as ours where the freedom of expression had been entrenched in our constitution the possibility of real opinions and counter-opionion cannot be ruled out.

Hence the endless debate on Whether or not Nigeria is in dire need of a lingua franca which is entirely different from the English language we use at present.
In my personal opinions, l hardly see any reason substantial enough to obviate the English language in favour of any of our local language. Not that out languages have no beauty of their own, but the fact remains that Even if we adopt any of them as our lingua franca, we shall continue to study an international one.
Today, there is hardly for any country in the world where the English language is not being studied. Despite India’s adoption of a national language, the people of that country still have to study English in order to communicate successfully with other countries of the world. Therefore, the problem of adopting a national language, beating English to the place of a second language, is that our children might be faced with a very heavy burden, they would have to face or deal with mastering two language so that they mayvbe able to cpe adequately with people of their countries.

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