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Windowquote: Pilot Your Plane to Success



Windowquote: Pilot Your Plane to Success 1


You are the pilot of your own plane. Your plane is your life, and you are in command of your plane.

You are in the pilot seat, and you have the controls in your hands. Just like a pilot can take his plane to any destination, you can take your life to any destination because it’s your life and you have to make the choice of what you want.

You take off, cruise, and land the way you like. Don’t blame others for the course of your life‘s journey. You are the pilot of your plane, if you give the charge of your plane to a co-pilot or to anybody else, it’s your mistake. Don’t let anybody take charge of your life.

You take charge of your own life. You pilot your plane to a destination of your choice. Know where you want to go, choose the right direction, put in the right fuel, take off, land, arrive, and succeed!


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