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Wisdom Words: Live with FAITH



Wisdom Words: Live with FAITH 1

Successful people live with faith, The acronym FAITH stands for “Full Assurance In The Heart”. Faith is living with optimism and with positive expectations; knowing that good things will happen.

Faith is the assurance in the heart that makes one have positive thoughts.

It is the positive thoughts that lead to positive feelings, positive actions and positive choices. When you have full assurance in your heart, then you’re on the way to success! But when you don’t have faith, you start doubting yourself. DOUBT paralyses and makes the possible impossible.

When you choose to live with faith, you start the success journey step by step. You tread on the path less travelled and explore a territory which was unknown to you. You live with courage and confidence. You get an adrenaline rush. You acquire the energy that makes you move ahead with positivity. Something that was thought impossible becomes possible just because of your selfconfidence. To be successful, live with faith!

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